Lease FAQ

What are the lease terms?
Our units are rented on a month-to-month basis. Your rental with us can be long or short – depending on your needs. Monthly rent is due each month on the anniversary of your rental start date. For your convenience we offer many payment options including the option to pre-pay for up to twelve months of rent. When you are ready to vacate we require two days verbal OR 15 days written notice before vacating. If you advise the rental office of your intention to vacate before paying your final month, we will prorate your last month of rent so you pay only for what you use.
Do you offer the convenience of a long term lease?
Our units are rented on a month-to-month basis which allows customers flexibility to rent for whatever time period is needed. Customers with long term needs may prepay on a yearly basis (12 months) and get a 13th month free.
What are the payment terms?
Extra Space Storage strives to make your storage experience as convenient as possible, including paying your bill. Monthly payment can be made in-store, online, by phone (888-STORAGE), or by mailing us check. In-store payments can be made with cash, check or credit card. We can help you set-up automatically withdrawn payments each month from your credit card or checking account. Payments can be made online in the “My Account” section here at
What if I am late making my payment?
Your monthly rent is due on the same day each month (the anniversary date of the rental). Extra Space Storage provides a five day grace period before charging a late fee on the 6th day past a payment due date. The late fee assessed varies by state according to local self storage law; the grace period for a past-due payment can also vary by state, for further details please refer to your lease or contact your storage facility. Late fees cannot be waived and the full balance must be paid immediately to avoid foreclosure. No partial payments are accepted. Please also note that until your account is paid in full, access to your unit may be denied, your gate code access is removed and your unit will be over-locked. The late fees assessed vary according to state laws.
How long after my account is delinquent before my belongings will go to auction?
The length of time for a past-due account to be placed in auction varies by state law. We recommend that you contact the facility manager to discuss your account as soon as possible if your payment is late. Extra Space Storage will provide written notice to your email address or physical address listed on your account, again depending on state law. Additionally, store managers frequently try to contact any customer in default by phone prior to an auction process. As a customer it is your responsibility to make sure we have accurate, up-to-date contact information associated with your account, and to pay your bill on time.
What happens if your belongings go to auction?
Once the unit is sold the proceeds are applied to your outstanding balance. If the proceeds are higher than the amount due, a check for the difference will be sent to the original person leasing the storage unit. If the proceeds are lower than the outstanding balance the account will be sent to collections.
What are your prices?
Monthly rates can be found online and vary by facility, unit size, and features. Please use our site search tools or store list find pricing at a facility near you.
Do you offer military discounts?
At some locations we do offer military discounts. To find out if your facility does, it is best to contact your site directly.
Is my initial monthly storage unit rent guaranteed for as long as I rent my storage unit?
Extra Space Storage works hard to provide a value to our customers through competitive pricing and by maintaining clean, safe, and secure facilities with the best customer service in the self storage industry. Please keep in mind that your original monthly rate is not guaranteed for the life of your rental with Extra Space Storage. From time to time, we find it necessary to make adjustments to our customers’ rental rates in order to keep up with the rising costs associated with providing top-notch service and a clean, secure facility.