Extra Space FAQ

Do you offer services for both the household and business customer?
Extra Space Storage is a leader in the industry and has services for both the household and business customer. Learn more about our business storage offerings and see our storage tips for business owners. Most of our customers use self storage to store household items – please see our tips for packing and storing household items.
What kind of security do you have?
Extra Space Storage takes great pride in protecting your belongings and strives to provide state-of-the-art security. We feature electronic gates with coded access, monitored video surveillance, fenced and well-lit facilities, individual door alarms and personal locks available for purchase. These features vary by location so contact the Store Manager for details about a specific location.
Can anybody drive onto this property or do you need a PIN number?
Most of our facilities have an electronic gate system which can only be opened by a security code that is assigned to each individual tenant. The code allows us to monitor who is entering and exiting the facility.
Do I get a lock when I rent a unit?
You can purchase a new lock at your local Extra Space Storage facility. We offer a variety of sizes and types of locks and recommend purchasing a disc lock to ensure the highest level of security.
How can I report any maintenance issues such as a light out, or a gate not opening?
During office hours, please report the issue to the manager onsite immediately. If you notice the issue after office hours, please contact our National Sales Center at 888-STORAGE to report it.
How do I cancel my reservation?
You can cancel your reservation by contacting or visiting the facility where the unit is reserved. Make sure to check for office hours so you’ll reach a store manager who can work with you to cancel your reservation.
Do you hold auctions at your storage facilities?
We hold monthly auctions at all of our facilities. You can contact a storage facility in the area to find out when they will be held.
Do you allow bands to practice on your facility or in your units?
Our storage units are only for storing your belongings. We do not allow bands to practice in our units or at our facilities.
What do I need to do to move out?
We require two days verbal OR 15 days written notice before vacating. We ask that you stop into our office and fill out a vacate card. We will prorate your last month of rent (charging you only for the days you use) as long as we have been notified prior to receiving your last month’s payment. On your scheduled move-out day make sure the unit is completely empty, your lock has been removed and the store manager has inspected the unit.