You need to get this bed! Hidden storage of your dreams.

We all have those items we use only on occasion. Fine china for special occasions, specific medical, legal and financial documents, etc. Whatever the item and frequency of its use, the question is, what do you do with those items the rest of the time?

Of course, a storage unit is always an option (and one we recommend J ) but I’m talking about things you need to have at your disposal at any given time. The attic is an option (if you have one) but that requires going up into the attic…which is never a fun thing. Perhaps there is a better solution – buy a bed with underneath storage.

You may think that every bed has an option for under bed storage, and to a certain extent, that is true. Just slide a plastic tub or box under and go on about your business. Nothing to see here. But what if you could take advantage of more storage space so that it was even more convenient? What if you took advantage of that space and was able to store more than just three or four heavy sweaters in a narrow plastic tub? Some beds are actually made with underneath storage in mind.

Beds made with the purpose of under bed storage take full advantage of the space available. Sometimes they are built to stand a little higher so larger containers can fit underneath them. Sometimes they are built with drawers, like a regular chest of drawers, so spare sheets, clothes, and many other things can be stored in a place so convenient that you can access them every day (if desired).

Another option is a bed that is made so that the area where the box spring might be is actually one big lid, and all of the storage is beneath that lid (see image above). This bed stands a little taller than most so most normal sized plastic tubs can fit under there, and because the platform where the box spring would be lifts up, much more can be stored.

Perhaps the best thing these beds come with is the auto-lifting hydraulics – making even a kind sized mattress easy to lift up for access to the storage area. Apartment dwellers can even store golf clubs and snowboards during the off season and know that the important items are close but out of sight.

Storage under the bed saves space and is far more convenient than other at-home storage solutions (like the attic).

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