Tips for Moving to Seattle

Planning to make the big move to Seattle? Get to know the city before heading out to the Pacific Northwest with our guide below.

Here are some tips for moving to Seattle.

Prepare for rainy weather.

Seattle is known for its rainy weather, but not in the way you might think. Even though rain is frequent in the city (it rains at least 50% of the time), drizzle is more common than downpours. The rain is so light that many residents in the area don’t use an umbrella. Snowfall is also very rare. The last time Seattle experienced major snowfall was in 1997. The dryest months are during the summer. Because Seattle has such a diverse landscape, the weather can vary and sometimes be unpredictable, but compared to other parts of the nation, Seattle has a mild climate.

Enjoy comparatively low rent costs.

Even though rent costs are on the rise, Seattle is actually one of the most affordable big cities for renters. Census results for 2012 estimate that 46 percent of residents are “cost-burdened” by their rent. The number may seem high at first glance, but compared to the rest of the nation, the percentage is pretty low.

Learn how to get around.

Public transportation is not only the easiest way to get around Seattle, it also contributes to the city’s efforts to become more sustainable. Residents have access to several forms of transportation including “RapidRide” bus service, the Seattle Streetcar, and Sound Transit light rail line. Seattle’s extensive transportation system gives residents alternative options to driving and ultimately reduces the city’s carbon footprint with Seattle’s Climate Action Plan.

Find your neighborhood.

Seattle’s diverse landscape means that each neighborhood has a unique feel and different things to offer. Downtown Seattle is home to some of the city’s biggest attractions, including Pike Place Market, which has hundreds of stores and food vendors. If you’re looking to live by the water, Ballard is the place to be. The neighborhood has the city’s waterfront and maritime industry. It is also pedestrian-friendly, offers boutiques, and has an active nightlife.

Embrace living in one of America’s coolest cities.

That’s right. Seattle was named America’s No. 2 Coolest City by Forbes in August, which isn’t too shabby for a place that has frequent rainfall. The “coolest cities” in America were chosen by entertainment options per capita. That means the availability of sporting events, national parks, aquariums, restaurants, and more were all taken into account. Living in one of the coolest cities in America means that you’ll have a multitude of entertainment options at your disposal, leaving little room for boredom.

Some resources:

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