Tips for Moving to Denver

Is Denver calling your name? With the mountains and rivers close by, the capital of Colorado is an ideal destination for you lovers of nature and outdoor activities. Prepare for your new adventure with our guide below.

Here are a few important tips for moving to Denver.

Get ready for all four seasons.

The city experiences all four seasons and (supposedly) 300 days of sunshine each year. (Pack a good pair of sunglasses!) Winters are mildly cold, with frequent snowfall, but little accumulation due to the dry climate and sunshine. Expect snow to start around October and last until April. (Try to avoid moving during the winter months.) The weather can change at a moment’s notice though, due to the close proximity to the Rockies, so always venture out prepared with an extra layer and an umbrella.

Acclimate to the altitude.

Denver isn’t called the “Mile-High City” for nothing. It’s situated 5,280 feet above sea level. This level of elevation generally won’t affect those in good health, but try to avoid any serious exercise (and be careful lugging your belongings during the move) if you have a heart condition.

Enjoy the great outdoors.

According to the CDC, Colorado is America’s slimmest and fittest state. And it’s no wonder! Denver is home to 205 parks and is very pedestrian-friendly, ranked as the 16th most walkable city in the country — pack your walking shoes! You can also take advantage of Denver’s “B Cycle,” a city-wide bike-sharing system, with various packages depending on your transportation needs, including an annual, month, week, or day pass. Denver offers plenty of other outdoor activities, including hiking, kayaking, rafting, and skiing. If you’re looking for an excuse to get in shape, moving to Denver is an easy one!

Get to know your neighborhood.

The historic “LoDo” district is the city’s oldest neighborhood, once an Old West town filled with saloons. Now it’s home to many art galleries, shops, bars, and lofts — not to mention Coors Field and the Colorado Rockies. If you love to shop, think about living in Cherry Creek near the center of the city, home to 320 shops, galleries, restaurants, and salons, as well as historic Victorian homes. Or maybe the Highlands is more your style: filled with eccentric boutiques and authentic Mexican food.

Look forward to the beer.

Often referred to as the “Brewery Capital of the World,” Denver is home to well-known breweries like Coors and Anheuser-Busch, as well as many smaller, craft breweries. Make sure to pay a visit, take a tour of the tap room, and have a pint. Denver also hosts a Beer Fest every October.

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