Tidy Ways to Organize Ugly Pet Supplies

There’s really no denying that it can be a joy to share your home with a dog or cat, but pet owners often struggle with how to organize all the stuff that comes with their furry friends. Leashes, food bowls, toys, brushes, nail clippers, poop bags, shampoo and medications – oh, my!

But don’t worry. It’s possible to store pet stuff in a tidy, aesthetically pleasing way. Here are some tips for lovely storage of pet supplies.

Organizational Tools

When selecting your organizational tools, think about where they’ll be used. If your hooks, bins or jars will be on display, go for interesting! One perfect item or detail can really pep up a storage area.

Hooks: You can’t live without them. Build your own wall-mounted pet organizer with hooks aplenty, or attach a hook to a cabinet in your mudroom or other area.

Bins: Wire mesh, plastic or cozy fabric, your storage bins will be useful for organizing grooming supplies, toys, food and other pet accessories.

Jars: There’s no need to store treats or your collection of toy mice in ugly, frustrating packaging. In fact, I highly advise you to make this cute DIY pet jar. If you’re not feeling crafty, use a vintage cookie jar instead, or shop etsy for a good selection of personalized pet treat jars.

Bring it All Together

Now, for the hard part! Where are you going to store all those carefully organized pet supplies? Your solution will depend on your space, of course. But you should definitely think outside the closet!

Mudroom: If you’re lucky enough to have a mudroom, take advantage of it for storing your pet supplies. One dedicated cabinet should do the trick.

Built-in custom space: If you’re building a house or remodeling your current home, don’t forget to consider adding custom spaces for storage of pet supplies. It’s becoming popular to add pet feeding stations to kitchen islands!

Pet storage stations: Look at your old furniture with new eyes. You can turn a dresser into an elevated pet feeding station. Similarly, you can turn an armoire into a pet storage station.

Pet shelving: If you’re limited on floor space, look up! A series of floating shelves, coupled with your wonderful organization tools, can do the trick.

Your pet is worth the work, so go forth, and tackle that heap of leashes and pile of pet toys!

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