The Top Organizing Tip You’ll Ever Learn

The Internet is awash in organizing tips, from using bread clips for securing cords to hanging your shoes on the wall.

But there’s one piece of organizing advice that will make the most profound difference in your daily life.

And here it is: Create a place next to the front door for the things you usually take and bring when coming and going.

If you’re the type to leave your essentials lying wherever you randomly put them, your life will be transformed by this simple practice.

Imagine never again feeling the panic of a misplaced wallet. Or never again having to seek out your phone by making someone else call it. How does it sound to always have your keys at hand when you need to run out the door?

The benefits are obvious. So why doesn’t everybody already do this?

It takes conscious thought and effort to set up a functional version of what is referred to in our household as “the station.”

You need it to be somewhere convenient to the front door but out of reach of kids and pets. It needs to have room for the crucial items but not be so big that it starts collecting other debris.

You might want to include special receptacles like bowls for loose change, boxes for wallets and phones, or hooks for keys.

Here are several ideas to get you thinking: Creative DIY key holders, Martha Stewart’s “Welcome Center,” and Pottery Barn’s multitasking organizer.

You need the perfect spot for your stuff. Once you’ve got your entryway organization in place, you’ll never again worry about misplacing the things you need most.

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