Saving the Memories: Tips for Storing Your Child’s Artwork

You love your child. Even the silliest of their hand-drawn pictures is beautiful. But there’s just so much of it – and your kid brings home new pieces each day! No parent can keep it all. Here are some tips for decluttering your home without getting rid of all of your children’s artwork:

Hang It Up

Find a spot to hang up your kid’s art and immediately put up any nice pictures they bring home. Your hanging method doesn’t have to be fancy – just a push pin or a clothes pin on a ribbon will do the trick. Kids love seeing their art on the wall.

Use Digital Imaging

One of the best kid’s art storage methods is a simple as it is easy. Just take a photo of your kid’s artwork and upload it to a specific folder on your computer. You can organize it by date and type. There are also dozens of apps that help your organize children’s artwork digitally.

Send Artwork to Family and Friends

After you digitalize a piece of artwork, there’s still the question of what to do with the actual hard copy. Instead of tossing it, send it to family and friends. Grandparents love children’s artwork and most would enjoy receiving a few nice pieces in the mail.

Create an End of the Year Portfolio

Keep the best pieces your child creates each year. If your child makes something for the first time (like a self-portrait) or shows an interest in a particular subject (like that time she kept drawing fish), add those to the portfolio. Be sure to follow the rules of storing artwork. At the end of the year, label it in marker with her name and the year.

Toss It

Not everything can be saved. Coloring books, workbook pages, and other non-personal artwork aren’t worth the hassle to save. Toss these and don’t feel guilty.

It isn’t easy to discern what to keep and what to let go, but these tips can help you decide which pieces of your children’s artwork to store and which to toss. Share your own tips for how to store kid’s artwork in the comments below.

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