How To Store Your Motorcycle: 7 Tips You Have To Follow

Rust, corrosion, and inactivity can take a big toll on a motorcycle. If you’re storing your ride for the winter, make sure you take some action before you put it away or you may be in for some nasty surprises come spring.

Basem Wasef at offers a very thorough description of the best way to store your motorcycle. But if you just want the basics, go with the list below.

  1. Fill up your gas and fluids. Top off the tank and add fuel stabilizer. Refill or replace your brake, clutch, and coolant fluids.
  2. Change your oil. Old mucky oil can corrode engine parts in just a few months sitting in the garage.
  3. Manage your battery life. Either take your battery out, trickle charge is while it’s in storage, or charge it completely initially and renew the change every month.
  4. Keep your tires healthy. The best way to store your bike is on some kind of rack that prevents weight from resting on the wheels. If that’s not possible, fill up your tires, rest the bike on its center stand, and if possible, rotate the front tire once a week.
  5. Wax on. Wash, dry, and wax your bike to make sure rust doesn’t creep in over the long months of rest.
  6. Protect your exhaust pipes. Spray them with WD-40 and shove a clean towel in the pipes to keep moisture and little creatures from making them their home.
  7. Choose a dim corner. Sunlight can stress your leather and paint, so find a dark part of the garage to store your machine.

Now that you’ve got everything in order, make sure your motorcycle insurance policy covers anything that might happen while it’s sitting idle waiting for the warmer weather.

For the ultimate protection of your motorcycle during the winter, don’t store it outside. Your garage or a storage unit will provide the utmost protection from weather elements. Visit our motorcycle and small-engine vehicle storage page for more information:

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