Home Depot’s 8 Simple Storage Solutions for Holiday Lights

It’s that time of year; we’re digging out our Christmas lights and getting ready to do some decorating for the holidays. I can’t believe it; I just heard Christmas music on the radio today. That’s always a sign. If you’re like most people, when you go digging for your holiday decorations, you’ll likely find your lights in a bundled mess, in a garbage bag because you waited until April to take them down. Oops! So now you’re left with a giant tangled knot.

A knotty nightmare is what I call it. It deters me from wanting to decorate and in the end, costs me more money. I just give up and go buy new lights. That’s wasteful and far from budget friendly. Please tell me you’ve done this too? 

To help prepare you this year,  I’ve finally decided to adopt some easy storage solutions that will ensure you don’t find yourself staring at a problematic bundle of lights this time next year. You’ll be prepared to put your holiday lights away in an organized space-saving fashion and decorate like a pro!

1. Utilize Ziploc Bags. This is probably the easiest thing you can do because they are see-through and can be labeled. Just be sure to wrap your lights up carefully or you’ll have the knotty version and we don’t want that. I like to wrap them around my hand and secure them with a garbage twist tie. Twist ties have so many handy uses!

2. Re-Use Paper Towel Rolls. How easy is this? Just wrap your lights carefully around the used paper towel roll. You can easily label the roll, “lights for the living room tree,” and store them in your plastic storage tub. Simple and eco-friendly!

3. Re-Use Cardboard Boxes. Another eco-friendly storage solution–Just cut the square ends of your boxes (cereal boxes work too) and wrap the lights around, one-by-one. This is a great space saving solution because you can stack the square boxes with wrapped lights on top of one another.

 4. Use an Old Tin Can. Don’t throw your coffee can away–wrap your lights around it and even store lights inside the can. This takes more storage space but holds the lights inside and outside. No knots! Warning: be careful not to cut yourself on the rough tin edges.

5. Invest in a Sterilite 4-Light Reel Storage Box. The box has the dividers for up to four reels of lights and is see through, so there’s no guessing which box you put your lights in. This makes life very easy if you’re like me and you have dozens of plastic storage boxes. For less than $12 you can have an effective storage system.

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