Don’t Miss These Top 10 Things to Do Before Summer Ends

The kids are going back to school, and you’ve already enjoyed that great summer vacation. Yet, you have a nagging feeling you missed something this summer. Could it be that you didn’t enjoy one of summer’s greatest fun activities? I’ve listed 10 simple, low-stress ways you can make sure your summer ends on a charming and fun note. Try to tackle a few of these before autumn’s chill sets in.

1. Fill a small pool for your dog. If you have a dog that appreciates water, don’t let the “dog days of summer” pass without filling up a small plastic pool so your pooch can take a dip! It’s entertaining to watch, especially since some dogs “dig” in the water. Kiddie pools are easy to find on clearance in late summer, but you can also visit larger pet stores to find one designed for a dog.



































2. Cycle away! As greenways and bike lanes keep popping up across America, it’s getting to be more bike friendly than ever out there. Get in on the fun while the weather is still nice. If you don’t have a bike, rent one.

3. Make a sandcastle or sand-animal. You don’t have to visit the beach to make a sandcastle. Hit the backyard sandbox or the park to build your masterpiece. Don’t forget your camera!

4. Invite the neighbors over for a backyard barbecue. Why not? You’ve been meaning to do that for a while now anyhow.

5. Take a nature walk. Turn off the mobile phone, and zip your lips as you clear your mind. Allow yourself to listen to, feel and smell everything nature has to offer.

6. Pack a picnic. They may seem old-fashioned, but picnics are still a great tradition observed by many each year. And, really, is there a more simple way to enjoy a summer afternoon? Tip: Play it safe by keeping your food chilled with reusable ice packs.

7. Attend a baseball game. Going to a baseball game is a wonderful bonding experience for friends and family. Baseball games are also an affordable and exciting way to enjoy the outdoors before winter arrives.

8. Go swimming outside. Indoor pools may keep you entertained in the winter, but there’s nothing like sunshine to make your swim exhilarating. If you’re invited to swim at a friend or neighbor’s home, remember to acknowledge their kindness with a small hostess gift. Cookies will do!

9. Eat a chilled watermelon. Oh, the wonders of watermelon! Summer is the best time to snack on a perfect watermelon, so don’t miss your chance. If you’ve never tried it, sprinkle on some black pepper for a whole new watermelon-eating experience.

10. Walk a birding trail. Summer is a great time to spy on birds! In fact, the longer days of summer give birders more time to be dazzled. Audubon Magazine put together a list of great summer birding trails, so all you have to do is pick the one nearest you. Wear neutral colors to avoid scaring away birds, but do keep a respectful distance once you spot a beauty.

Now, go forth and have a simple, but inspired celebration for summer’s end!

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