Create Baby Memory Boxes for Tomorrow

Oh, baby! As you may already know, it can be tricky for mothers to find the time to take those baby memory books off the shelf, much less write in them. Yet, with just a little planning, you can preserve all those precious baby memories!

As for the baby memory books, you’ll find the time one day. Until then, keep a notebook handy to jot down a few details about important milestones. And, as always, take many photos.

One thing you can’t delay is getting a start on a baby keepsake box. After all, your baby will only ever have one outfit she wore home from the hospital. You can store it! To help get your creative baby memory box juices flowing, I’ve put together some lists of baby things to store, and ideas on how to beautifully store them.

All the baby things you don’t have to wish you saved

  • First sleeper outfit
  • First dress or suit
  • First mittens, socks and shoes
  • Info card from hospital (you know, the one with footprints!)
  • Hospital bracelet
  • First baby hats or caps
  • First dolls or teddy bears
  • Favorite toys
  • Favorite books

All the almost-as-cute-as-baby ways to save your baby stuff

  • Transform a small piece of vintage luggage into a baby keepsake box.
  • Decorate a cardboard box with greeting cards from baby showers, and use it as a baby memory box.
  • Create a newborn shadow box with items baby wore home from the hospital.
  • Personalize a small wooden trunk to serve as a memory box for baby things.
  • Frame baby clothes (this is a thing)!

All the ways you can cherish that baby stuff you saved

  • Use baby clothes to make a baby memory quilt.
  • Use bits of fabric from favorite baby items to create a patchwork display with a baby photo in the center.
  • Make a shadow box of favorite toys to give to an adult child on a special occasion years away.
  • Create a time capsule of baby things to give as a gift on the child’s twenty-first birthday.
  • Simply gaze at the beautiful shadow boxes you made with those lovely baby shoes or hats!

Really, who needs baby memory books when you have all this? Select your favorite baby keepsake box, and get ready to create a special place for memories to live.

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