7 Ways To Make Your Neighbors Envy Your Yard This Fall

Fall is my favorite season, and it isn’t just because of the free-flowing pumpkin ale and return of Monday Night Football. Even better is the invigorating nip in the air, the glorious autumnal colors, and the fun that can be had in a well-appointed yard.

While the hamburgers, watermelon, and water fights of summer have their place, I believe that outdoor living only gets better as the weather turns chilly. Here are seven ways to make your yard into a haven of awesomeness this season.

Create some coziness. An outdoor living room to curl up in can take the edge off a cold night, especially if a gas outdoor fireplace is the center of attention. Decorate your fresh-air den with string lights and autumnal foliage for a seasonal sensation.

Fire up the flames. Nothing says snuggly-on-a-fall-night like a roaring bonfire. A fire pit is the perfect way to enjoy leaping flames while keeping your blaze contained and your clean-up minimal. Who says s’mores are just for summer?

Light some lanterns. The glimmer of golden flame is perfect for an autumn evening. Lanterns can create unmatched ambiance, especially if they reflect the season’s textures and materials, like these “celestial pumpkins.”

Do up the decorations. Fall plants and foliage conjure the unique pleasures of leaf-turning time. Go simple, colorful, and rustic with pumpkins, Indian corn, sheaves of wheat, and fallen leaves. The DIY possibilities are endless.

Grow a garden. Flowers that bloom as the weather chills can transform your yard into an autumn paradise on queue. Many autumn blossoms retain the bright colors of summer, but some, like dahlias, can take on a beautiful fall palette.

Launch some lawn games. Autumn is a great time for some quiet, convivial relaxing, best encouraged by low-impact, sweater-friendly pastimes. Break out the horseshoes, cornhole, croquet, darts, or bocce.

Bring on the BBQ: Fall foods are scrumptious; there’s a reason our big-eating holiday, Thanksgiving, sits in this season. Fire up the grill to make seasonal recipes like grilled pork with charred-apple salsa and grilled acorn squash.

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