5 Ways to Better Pack Your Clothes

Whether you’re catching a flight home — packing (and repacking) your over-stuffed suitcase — or putting last season’s wardrobe into storage, you’re likely in need of some extra space. Don’t worry; your frustrations are over.

Here are five ways to pack your clothes better.

  1. Stuff your shoes.

If you’re taking a trip, grab enough socks and underwear for each day you’ll be gone. Then stuff them in the shoes you’ll be bringing with you — try to follow the Rule of Three and pack one casual shoe, one evening shoe, and one sneaker. This will help keep your shoes from being crushed, as well as make the most of available space inside them. If you’re packing a storage box, fill your shoes with knick-knacks or small accessories (like sunglasses, rolled ties, or jewelry packed inside plastic bags).

  1. Roll and fold.

There are two methods for compacting clothing, and there’s a purpose for each one. Roll lighter fabrics (t-shirts, cotton dresses, knitwear) to avoid wrinkles, and fold stiffer ones (blazers, dress pants).

  1. Build a three-layer cake.

Think of your suitcase or storage box as a three-layer cake. Build it by packing the heaviest items on the bottom and lightest ones on the top. Layer #1: Your (stuffed) shoes. Layer #2: Rolled clothing. Layer #3: Folded clothing. Stack by alternating waists and hems. In a suitcase, top this all off with the “frosting” of your toiletries, sealed in a plastic bag. (You can consider adding an extra top layer of an empty garbage bag to put between your clean and dirty clothes when re-packing throughout your travelling.)

  1. Fill in the gaps.

All leftover items (any small items that didn’t fit inside your shoes) should be stuffed into any nook you can find. This will utilize available space, as well as stabilize the packing job to keep items from shifting.

  1. Place fragile items in the center.

Any breakable items in your suitcase or storage box should be packed in the center on top of the rolled-clothing layer. This will create a nice protective cushion.

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