5 Things You Forgot to Buy for Your Move

When people have to move, they immediately think of the obvious materials they’ll need: boxes, packing tape, scissors, and bubble wrap. But if you don’t plan entirely, you’ll find yourself rushing out for last minute materials in the middle of your move. Here are five things we recommend you don’t forget to purchase beforehand.

Edge Protectors

Pictures and art are prized possessions, so invest in the materials that preserve them. These guards are made especially for corners of frames, boxes, and canvases that need to remain sharp. After you apply the guards, give them a slight test to see if they’ll stay on when a small amount of pressure is applied. That way, you’ll know you’ve secured them in place.

Vacuum Sealed Storage Bags
You’ll save yourself a lot of space if you buy these bags. Simply put any type of clothes or blankets inside, seal them, and use a vacuum hose to safely remove most of the air. Once completed, the bags will be compacted in size, have a firmer shape and a lighter feel, making them easier to transport.

Mattress Covers
Because mattresses are non-washable, it’s vital to preserve their look and cleanliness while you transport them on the truck. Double check to make sure your mattress covers are the correct size before you buy. If your cover has a zipper, make sure it’s facing the correct way outward before you wrap the mattress. Two people should take either side of the mattress to make lifting and covering easier.

Labeling Materials
Labeling means more than just having a marker for your cardboard boxes. Delicate items that you choose not to wrap should still be tagged with string and labels. This helps movers (or the friend helping you) know that you’re not tossing the item out.

Box Cutters
Unpacking is half of the process, and it goes a lot faster with a box cutter instead of keys or scissors. When you purchase a box cutter, store them in strong protection such as a plastic or metal box, because the blade can easily slide out. Pay close attention when you’re using the box cutter; don’t multitask. Position the blade so that the shorter corner of the slant is closest to you. The longer corner will be where you apply the force. Use your dominant hand to grip the box cutter handle, and use your other hand to steady the box from far away. Never put your positioning hand in the way the box cutter’s path.

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