15 DIY Holiday Gifts to Start Creating Today

Dare to transform yourself into a DIY elf, and you’ll see some smiles when gifts are opened! It’s barely autumn, true. Yet, this is the perfect time to get started on making your own holiday gifts. Just follow the links for tutorials.

Creative DIY Gifts for Adults

1. Herb Garden Coffee Table: They’ll never see it coming, but those with sunrooms and a bit of green thumb will delight in this herby handmade pièce de résistance.


2. Button Pillow: A pillow that looks like a button? Yes, please!

3. Bobble Scarf: Just add linen, bobbles, and thread, and then mix with a little bit of your time for a sweet gift that can be used year-round.

4. Book Photo Frame: Who wouldn’t adore a one-of-a-kind frame lovingly handcrafted from a book?

5. Ceiling Medallion Photo Frame: Turn a ceiling medallion into a quick, yet ornate photo frame and art combo!

6. Beeswax Candles: Impress friends and coworkers with these beautiful golden-colored candles.

7. Dino iPhone Tripod: A stocking stuffer like no other, this tripod will surely elicit a chuckle.

Wonderful DIY Gifts for Kids

8. Card Table Fort or Playhouse: Whether decked out in camo for a fort, or prettied up with pink for a doll house, your average card table can be turned into a wonderful gift.

9. Mr. Potato Head Quiet Book: You will scream at how cute this is, and so will the child you give it to.

10. Button Ruffle Scarf: These handmade scarves are perfect stocking stuffers for little girls! And they’ll dress up any outfit that Santa brings..

11. Miniature Dolls Tree House: If you enjoy working with wood, this adorable woodland-inspired project is for you.

12. Jelly Roll Floor Pillow: Bean bags are so yesteryear. Give this beautiful made-with-love floor pillow instead.

13. Skateboard Sling: This handy creation will be appreciated by the avid skateboarders in your life.

14. Construction Vest: It may be easy to buy construction toys, but when is the last time you saw a good construction vest for sale?

15. Fishing Game: Who says fishing has to be a messy outdoor activity?

Time to Get Started

As you can see, when it comes to DIY gifting, there’s so much you can do! And it’s easier than you think to look like a creative hero. You may even decide to make yourself a little elf hat.

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