10 Summer Items You Should Store This Fall: Which Will You Choose?

Fall is just around the corner – and if those chilly winds and plummeting temps tell us anything it’s that winter is not far behind. Before the deep freeze sets in, take some time to pack away some of your summer items to clear up more space for living.

Tell us: Which of these items are you planning on storing this fall? Keep a tab in your head as you run down our list:

1. Patio Furniture. Your lawn chairs and outdoor furniture aren’t meant to withstand the bitter cold of winter. In fact, snow and ice can shatter your glass-top table. Store these in a safe location, out of the elements to keep them safe.

2. Camping gear. Unless you’re planning on making a chilly winter excursion, you won’t need that tent and sleeping bag until next spring. Store your camping gear away from the elements – and free from mold and mildew – for the winter.

3. Gardening equipment. Your lawnmower, hedger, and even your smaller tools like your spade and clippers won’t be getting use for a while. Pack them away to make room for all your winter supplies, like that clunky snow blower.

4. Summer clothes. Pack away all your t-shirts, shorts and flip-flops until cooler weather. Meanwhile, you will have more room for all of your winter sweaters, coats and boots.

5. Barbecue grill. Don’t risk wind and freezing temps breaking your prized barbecue grill. Store it indoors to keep it free of snow and ice until Memorial Day hits.

6. Pool equipment. You winterize your pool each year, but do you take steps to ensure your pricy equipment (like nets, hoses or vacuums) stay safe throughout the winter? Store these items out of the elements until you open your pool again next summer.

7. Sand and pool toys. If your kids are anything like mine, they accumulate a lot of sand toys. Store them all in one big container until next year.

8. Kayaks and boats. Nothing is more fun than water sports in the summer, but the enjoyment runs out once the water temp drops to freezing. Store all your watercrafts safely so they’re in tip top condition come spring.

9. Bikes. We all love going on family bike rides when the weather is mild, but all that biking equipment gets a big break once the weather turns chilly. Store your bikes, helmets, and even your bike rack out of the elements for the winter.

10. Camper/RV. Did you know that storing your RV improperly could cost you $5,000 in damage? Be sure to winterize your camper or RV correctly so it withstands the harsh winter weather until spring.

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