10 Expert Tips for Storing Your Child’s Artwork

Your child’s artwork represents sweet moments in time, and to you, each piece is a precious memory. However, too many precious memories can quickly turn into junk. Remember that the point of artwork is to make accessing those memories easier; not to stress you out. So choose a good storage system for artwork and stick with it. Below are 10 expert tips for getting started.

1. Choose the Right Bin

Choose a large enough box or bin to hold the accumulated artwork of a long period of time: through grade school, perhaps, or even through high school. The bin should be easy to open, easy to stack, and only take up a reasonable amount of space, especially if you have more than one kid.

2. Fill it with Folders

Folders will help you organize and protect artwork. Label them by year, and break them down into months if you want to.

3. Leave Some Free Space

Leave some room in your bin for the storage of bulkier items, such as clay sculptures, balsa models you’re particularly proud of and jewelry. About 10 inches should provide enough room to stack the 3D pieces you’ll accumulate over the years.

4. Select Representative Samples

You only need so many pieces of macaroni art. Choose a sample or two from each phase to represent it, then let the rest go.

5. Give Yourself Time

When your child’s amazing artwork is fresh, you can’t help but love it. Only over time will you be able to pick out the truly special pieces and feel better about throwing others away, so give yourself time. If you really can’t let anything go, take a picture of everything.

6. Make a Plan for Larger Pieces

You need a solution for models or paintings that are too large to store. Two easy ideas are to decorate the house with them or take photos to store.

7. Create Lasting Solutions

You don’t need to stick all your child’s art away in a bin. Give particularly special pieces new life by turning them into holiday ornaments or placemats, or framing them. Or bind many pieces together into a book at the nearby printer.

8. Label Everything

While it seems like you could never forget the exact day Little Johnny drew that airplane, you might. Write the date on the back, along with other important details, such as where it was made or with whom.

9. Go Digital

Proud parents who just can’t let go of anything can take photos of everything, and keep them in neatly arranged folders on a hard drive. You could put these pictures on display, print and store them in the artwork bin, or create a digital photo album from an online supplier like Shutterfly.

10. Give Your Child a Say

Let your child participate in what stays and what goes. This will help her develop a strong sense of self, and ensure the pieces she cares about stay.

If you’re short on space at home, a storage unit is a good option for saving and storing memories and keepsakes like your child’s artwork. Visit http://www.extraspace.com/Storage/Tips.aspx for more tips on storing life’s precious memories.

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