10 Cheap Ways to Keep Toasty This Winter

Worried about staying warm and under-budget during those dark, cold months of the year? Here are ten inexpensive tips for making you and your domicile nice and cozy this winter.

  1. Close your chimney flue. First find out the right way to go about it. These are operated by levers or pull chains. Just remember to open it again next time you have a fire (and then close it again once all the embers have died).
  2. Spin your fans in reverse. Draw the cooler air upwards and rotate the warmer air down where you want it. You can’t get much easier or cheaper than this.
  3. Install window insulators. These are thin sheets of plastic that you basically tape over your windows to create an insulating layer of air. 3M makes great kits for a range of window numbers and sizes.
  4. Invest in some space heaters. These classic winter helpers come in many sizes and types. They allow you to heat a limited area, leaving the rest of the house cooler and the energy bills accordingly lower. Just make sure you’re using yours safely.
  5. Snuggle up under an electric blanket. Electric blankets are inexpensive, easy to use, and incredibly warm. Just be sure yours is safe and that you’re using it appropriately.
  6. Warm up with a hot water bottle or heating pad. How about cozying up to a plush duck bottle? Or lying down with a heating pad? These are cheap and snuggly options.
  7. Warm your towels. Whether you drape them over your radiator or use a store-bought towel warmer, towels toasted to perfection take that after-shower chill right off you.
  8. Seal out drafts. Use rolled towels or draft-stoppers to keep cold air from sliding under your doors. Other likely culprits include baseboards, electrical outlets, and windows; find out how to detect and stop all these drafts.
  9. Wear bed socks and slippers. Bed socks are especially warm and fuzzy socks specifically made to keep your tootsies toasty while you are at home. And slippers are a must in winter; L.L. Bean makes some “wicked good” ones.
  10. Of course, there’s the Snuggie. The list would not be complete without this now-iconic body-warmer. There are many colors and styles, even ones that look like Halloween costumes.

What’s your preferred method of keeping warm? This list doesn’t include drinking hot chocolate, sitting before the fire, or wearing wool sweaters. Got any more to add?

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