Thrift: Creative Uses for Tupperware

Tupperware and plastic storage containers of other brands are ubiquitous in today’s American kitchen. Of course they’re designed to hold things, and this can extend well beyond food to hair accessories, jewelry, cufflinks, safety pins, matches, you name it.

But what about other creative uses for Tupperware containers of all sizes? Here are a few that will help you repurpose those old plastic containers that have fallen out of use.

  • Make a surprisingly attractive iPod boombox out of a large disposable container by cutting holes in the lid and wedging in Styrofoam to keep the player and speakers in place.
  • Use a medium sized container to make a first-aid kit by keeping bandages, disinfectant, ointments, and gauze all in one place.
  • Cut a slit in the lid of a medium container to make a coin bank. Buy some permanent markers so your child can decorate it and make it his or her own special savings box.
  • Create instant baby toys; your little one might well end up having more fun with your Tupperware containers than he does with anything else in the house.
  • Use the small Tupperware Midgets for all manner of fun and useful things, like dying Easter eggs, germinating flower seeds, storing rolls of postage stamps, or making popsicles.
  • Use large containers to cook things like pineapple upside down cake and German chocolate cake.

What are you favorite alternative uses for Tupperware containers?

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