Three Easy Ways to Decorate Your Home for Fall

Autumn is here, which means fallen leaves, pumpkins, spiced cider and beautiful rich fall colors. All of these are perfect for decorating your home for the next few months.

Fall is one of my absolute favorite seasons to decorate for. I love the colors, the rich oranges and deep reds, which can make the perfect base for a number of different projects.
Many people love to switch up the look of their home every couple of months as the seasons change. It makes for a welcoming looking and not to mention it’s fun to have a few craft projects going to celebrate a new season.

Fall Terrarium

Terrariums are large glass jars that sit on top of a dish. They make quite an interesting piece to have in your home, and can be a really cool fall decorating item that is really easy to change as the season goes on.

To get started, grab a large terrarium or glass bell jar. From there, your imagination can guide you. Get items like small pumpkins and gourds, fallen colored leaves, cranberries and moss.

Arrange the items as you like, place the bell jar back on top and you are good to go. These make fantastic centerpieces on the dining table or coffee table.

Grab Some Nature

Another fantastic thing about decorating for the fall is that it can be done on the cheap, and even for free, simple wander outside. Look for pine cones, small sticks, corn husks, tree bark, and fallen branches, to name a few.

These all make a great base to get started with any project.For something really easy, grab some burlap from a local design store, and use it as a table runner.

Fall Bouquets 

From there, take a few glass bowls or nice plates and arrange your found items on it. These make quick and easy centerpieces with a nice natural rustic flair for practically no cost at all.

As the summer fades into the fall, you are probably noticing those once beautiful summer bouquets you had in large pots by your front door have started to die off.

Instead of leaving them bare for the fall and winter, use them for beautiful little fall bouquets to greet your guests with a seasonal feel.

All you have to do is get items like small pumpkins and gourds, a few cranberries, leaves, twigs and other trimmings. Arrange them on the dirt that is already in the pot (or add a brick or a few rocks to lift the items. Now you have a perfect bouquet for fall.

What are Your Favorites?

Are you someone who loves to decorate with the seasons? What do you have in your own home. We’d love to hear about any of the tips or tricks you have for decorating your home for the fall.

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