Don’t Let Winter Decorating Eat Up Your Savings: 3 Tips to Lower Costs

For many parts of the country, winter means more than just ski season is back, it means the holiday season is fast approaching!

And while it’s great to experience a change of seasons, it can be a struggle in already tough economic times to try to scrape together those extra dollars to make sure you can still enjoy winter decorating. This is especially true if you are planning a bit show for winter lights around your house

But, you do have some options. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to get your home and family prepared for winter in a way that will help both cut your costs and still keep you warm and in the festive spirit!

Look For Energy Star Qualified Lights

You know that there are tons of home electronics that are energy star qualified, anything from refrigerators to ovens and hot water heaters. And, these are perfect for helping to keep those heating bills down come wintertime.

But did you know that there are also Energy Star qualified holiday lights? It’s true, and these lights can actually help you save quite a bit on your winter lighting bill.

Use these lights instead of the conventional strings and you’ll find they work just as well, are much cooler to the touch and, according to Energy Star, use 65% less electricity than a normal string.

So feel free to grab these lights to make your home extra bright (and efficient) this holiday season!

Use Timers 

We know there is nothing like driving past a well lit up home for the holidays, but keeping all of your holiday lighting running every night for a month or two can really add up. So, to save costs consider getting a timer.

Today there are plenty of very sophisticated timers out on the market that can have multiple settings, so you can have your lights turn on before you get home from work and turn off an hour or so after bedtime.

This way, you are still going to be showcasing all of your winter decorating skills and lighting during the peak viewing hours, but you aren’t going to have to contend with that huge electric bill come the end of January.

Recharge Those Batteries

Batteries are another huge energy and price suck during the holiday season. With so many decorations being battery powered, you are lucky to get a few days out of a set of batteries, and have to buy new packs constantly.

Instead of looking at conventional batteries, consider the rechargeable options. These are a perfect option for battery operated candles, which are very popular and provide that beautiful glow of a real candle but without the safety fears.

By using the rechargeable batteries, you’ll be able to have a rotating system set up, letting you charge one set during the day and use the other at night. That way you won’t ever have to worry about having a set of batteries die out on you, or your decorations.

Use these tips this winter during your decorating season and come the start of the new year, you won’t have to dread waiting for hat electricity bill to arrive in the mail!

What are some of your favorite money saving tips for decorating during the holiday season, let us know in the comments!

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