DIY Fun: Hands-on Projects for Kids

Kids love novelty, but there are only so many new toys a family’s budget can afford. And why buy plastic junk when you can make your own amusement?

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Not only do the kiddos get new things to play with, they also learn some useful skills in the process and emerge with a satisfying sense of accomplishment.

Here are some of the best DIY kids’ projects the Web has to offer. But there are many more where these came from—a craft for every kid.

  • It’s fall! Try out these leaf lanterns or these fizzy pumpkin-scented bath bombs.
  • Repurpose those summertime toys with this pool noodle racetrack or a pool noodle ring toss game.Go whimsical: Who wouldn’t want a homemade marshmallow catapult or a snow globe?
  • Raid the supply cupboard to make sponge water bombs, Q-Tip flowers, or duct tape bracelets.
  • Head for the kitchen: Coffee-filter flowers, soup-can flower pots, paper-towel butterflies, and 3-D straw bubble wands.
  • Attract some feathered friends with a birdfeeder made out of an orange or an orange juice bottle.
  • Outgrown clothes? Make this glove monster or this sock snake.
  • DIY Fun: Hands on Projects for Kids


    Get a little musical with a shoebox guitaror a bottle-cap tambourine.

  • Go dramatic with your own shadow puppet theater or a puppet stage.
  • Finally, use up on those extra clothespins by making a little airplane, some dolls or fairies, or an acrobat.

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