Creative Pet Nooks You’ll Fall Hard For

In honor of National Animal Day, we bring you nooks for your pets! Do you love sharing your home with your pet so much you would customize pet nooks for sleeping or eating? You might be surprised how many people do it! And, if you’re craving some extra storage space at home, or just wanting to get those pet beds or food dishes out of the way, you’re going to love these ideas.

I uncovered several creative pet nooks at Houzz, and I gathered my favorites here for you. Grab a warm beverage and prepare to be enchanted!

Kitchen Pet Nook for Sleeping or Daydreaming

A dog bed in your kitchen? Yes! Instead of getting in your way, your best friend will have a soft place to rest while you cook.

Stairwell Laundry Center with Pet Bed

Tight on space? Maybe you can use the area under your stairs for a washer, dryer and cat bed!
Stairwell Surprise for Hanging Out 
Because every stairwell needs a dog! This project turned space from the top of an adjacent closet into a unique pet nook that allows a dog to observe the activities of both floors.
 Kitchen Pet Nook for Feeding
Don’t want messy pet food bowls on your floor? Make them look like they belong! Carve out a little space at the end of your kitchen island.
 Stairwell Storage Drawers and Pet Nook
Another great use of the space under stairs! Store a few things, and leave a private retreat for your cat or small dog.
Circular Pet Nook Built into Shelving
If you’re designing your own custom furniture anyhow, there’s no reason not to throw in a circular pet bed!
 Window Seat Pet Nook
Give your pet a very special place to relax alongside you. Add more whimsy by including the pet’s name above the nook.
 Stairwell Pet Retreat
I leave you here with this masterpiece — a special “bedroom” under the stairs with a private window!

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