5 Toys Your Kids Played With You Shouldn’t Throw Away


Just because your kids are growing up doesn’t mean you have to throw away all of their toys. While they may not play with them, putting certain toys away might be a good idea for sentimental, monetary, and “just-in-case” reasons.

Here are five toys you should never throw out.

  1. Video games.

If video games and their consoles are still in working condition, but collecting dust in your home, put them in a storage. You never know when your child will want to revisit them or when you’ll need to whip them out for entertaining visiting relatives.

  1. LEGOs.

The small bricks are a popular and timeless toy. They’ve been around for more than 80 years, and they don’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. While your kids might not want to play with them anymore, they could be passed down to younger relatives or family friends in the future. LEGOs can also be used to help you get organized, so it’s good to have them on hand if you’re ever feeling crafty.

  1. Toy cars.

Another timeless toy that will never go out of style. Whether they’re Hot Wheels or Matchbox, toy cars will always be around. Just like LEGOs, these toys can be given to future relatives. But another perk about certain toy cars is that they can become collectibles over time. If this sounds crazy to you, check out the North Carolina Hot Wheels Association (NCHWA), which has a price guide for collectors.

  1. Dolls and action figures.

Similar to toy cars, people are sometimes surprised to hear their old dolls and action figures have monetary value. Whether its Barbie, Cabbage Patch or Star Wars, these items can be resold for much more than you paid. Just this past September, a Cabbage Patch doll was sold on eBay for $657.77. If your kids’ toys don’t end up falling on the profitable side, they’re always good to have for sentimental purposes or to pass down.

  1. Sentimental “companions.”

Almost all of us have a toy we were attached to growing up. Whether it’s a stuffed animal, action figure, or “blankey,” keep it to the side. Like old photos, childhood toys can be fun to revisit every once in a while for a dose of nostalgia.

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